Blog: September 2020

HVM Internal News

After a very cold and wet winter we welcome Spring with a warm heart. With everything turning back to the “new normal”, we are excited about the blossom season and all the challenges that comes with it.

Met COVID-19 en al die uitdagings wat daarmee gepaard gaan, kan ons met dankbaarheid sê dat die E-Filing seisoen uiteindelik oop is en ons gereed is daarvoor.

Why is real estate such a trusted investment?

Buying real estate is more than finding the right home or location for your business – owning property is an investment that holds more benefits than you might know.  

Income Predictability 

Tax filing season is the scammer’s bread and butter

In late August 2020, a large credit bureau in South Africa was the target of a data breach where millions of private individual and company data records were compromised. This data leakage, coupled with the tax filing season, makes for the perfect opportunity for taxpayers’ information to be abused, subjecting taxpayers to potential financial loss.  

Was your will signed in the presence of witnesses?

I gave instructions to my attorney to prepare a Will for me as my most recent Will no longer reflected my wishes. My attorney emailed the Will to me with clear instructions as to how I should go about signing the Will. I asked my neighbours to act and sign as witnesses. My neighbours signed the Will on all the pages and left before I signed the Will on all the pages.