Blog: June 2020

HVM internal news | interne nuus

Dit is in vreemde tye waarin ons die tweede kwartaal van 2020 afsluit. COVID-19 is een van die grootste uitdagings wat ieder en elk van ons al ooit ervaar het. In hierdie tye waarin die wêreld hom tans bevind probeer ons almal ons bes om positief te bly en mekaar te ondersteun, al is dit oor ‘n afstand. Wat ons almal wel geleer het, is dat om gesond te wees waarlik net ‘n seëning is. 


Capital Gains Tax – when does it come into play?

The distinction between amounts received of a capital nature as opposed to a revenue (or income) nature is essential for income tax purposes. Non-capital amounts received, such as from the disposal of trading stock, are subject to tax at a higher effective rate compared to capital profits.

The use of accounting information to make better decisions

As a manager of an organisation, there is a great responsibility for decision making. The question lies in how a manager can utilise accounting information to make better decisions. Managerial accounting is a common practice within an organisation where accounting information is identified, measured, analysed, interpreted and communicated to relevant parties to pursue a goal. 

Tax consequences of usufructs created upon death

A usufruct is a limited real right in property. The usufruct construct takes the form of a common-law personal servitude, which, as a limited real right, grants the holder (the usufructuary) the right to use someone else’s property, including the fruits. Typical examples include where someone is granted the right to use a house, or the right to receive interest on a loan account or dividends on shares.