What emigration (still) means for your retirement fund

Ceasing to be a South African (SA) tax resident prior to retirement from a South African retirement fund and becoming a tax resident of another country, may, on payment of a lump sum or monthly pension, cause the interest to be subject to tax in the other country.


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Voorspoedige nuwe jaar! Ons is opgewonde om die nuwe jaar af te skop en saam met ons kliënte nuwe hoogtes te bereik.

We welcome three new faces at HVM in 2022. Zandrea Tredoux, Nico Barkhuizen and Sylvia Blake (above from left to right).

Zandrea Tredoux

What to look out for when submitting your VAT invoice

All value-added tax (VAT) vendors that have gone through a VAT verification from the South African Revenue Service know how frustrating the delays on input VAT refunds can be when supporting documents do not meet the requirements for a valid tax invoice. Below, we revisit some of the necessary key elements to ensure proper compliance in this regard. 

The VAT Act identifies different transactions that each requires different types of tax invoices:  

Do actions speak louder than words in the business world?

It’s one thing to claim your company is customer-orientated, but talk can be cheap regarding what matters most to your business. The businesses that serve their customers effectively don’t proclaim it on bold billboards; they prove it through offering efficient advice, paying consistent attention to detail, and delivering long-term quality results. These tangible actions create returning customers, leading to a healthy growing business.

Is your disclosure “voluntary”?

In December 2021, the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) handed down a judgment dismissing an appeal against a decision of the Tax Court. The issue before the SCA was whether the South African Revenue Services (SARS) was correct in rejecting Purveyors South Africa Mine Services (Pty) Ltd’s (Purveyors) Voluntary Disclosure Programme application (VDP application) for non-compliance with the requirements for VDP relief, more specifically on the ground that it was not made voluntarily.  

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We as HVM found ourselves extremely involved in many exciting activities leading into the end of the year, from sponsored events to our annual team-building. The perfect way to end another year of excellent service!

Find out if your home office is tax-deductible

Tax practitioners have been inundated with queries from clients on the possible relief offered by the South African Revenue Service (“SARS”) on the possibility of deducting from their taxable income home office expenses due to the shift in working policies by many employers. 

Can SARS correct my assessment?

A taxpayer who is aggrieved by an assessment or decision of SARS against that taxpayer has the right to dispute that assessment or decision. If an original assessment has not been issued, SARS may request a taxpayer to submit an amended return to correct an undisputed error made in the prior return.

Why it’s time for your business to go green

As the risks of climate change become more intense and prevalent in today’s world, businesses are feeling the pressure to adapt and rethink their business models, making sure they align with the needs of clients, employees, as well as the environment.  


The Main Advantages of a Green Office 

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Just as the seasons changed from winter to spring, HVM also had some changes over the past few months.

Happier clients come through authentic relationship building

Every business in the world sells something. They sell goods or services in order to address a need or desire of a consumer, and to achieve a profit in the process (at the very least only to ensure its sustainability).