HVM internal news | interne nuus

A warm welcome to each and every one after a well-deserved break at the end of an interesting 2020! HVM would like to wish our staff and clients a happy, healthy and blessed 2021!

The year started with a bang as we entered Tax-season and welcomed three new faces to the HVM family: Christiaan, Zinia and Franco.

How to make a single income household work

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many households questioning the future of their families, especially when it comes to living arrangements when one of the family’s sources of income have fallen away.

Why do I need to know my rights as taxpayer?

Since the introduction of the Tax Administration Act in 2011, which aimed to consolidate most of the administrative matters in tax acts, taxpayers have become ever more aware of their rights in dealing with the South African Revenue Service (SARS). There has also been a significant increase in the number of cases in the Tax Court (as well as in our High Courts) that relate not to substantive tax matters, but rather to the exercise of taxpayers' rights.

Life-hacks for a more productive remote workforce

It’s a strange new world that we’re living in, one in which the digitalisation of the traditional office is happening at a rapid rate. Many businesses are reaping the benefits of remote work in a society where going into the office no longer seems necessary (not to mention that it could present an array of health dangers).

HVM internal news | interne nuus

Met somer wat uiteindelik aangebreek het en die dae wat redelik na normaal kon terugkeer, kan ons nie help om glimlagte op ons gesigte te hê en uit te sien na die laaste deel van die jaar nie. Vooruitsigte van vakansie en ‘n welverdiende blaaskans is die motivering wat ons nodig het om die jaar goed af te sluit.

Smart accounting: Are you VAT compliant?

The last several years have seen an increase in “smart accounting systems” that have online capabilities and that can integrate with various other business solutions. These smart accounting systems have revolutionised traditional accounting, and there can be no question that many businesses run a more organised and financially sound operation as a result of the availabilities of these programs and applications.  

How to make the most of your work-from-home experiment

Whenever humanity faces a problem as tremendous as a global pandemic, it unequivocally necessitates societal change. In a pandemic, these changes are often tangible as they disrupt the very norms of our daily existence and activities.  

Tax exemption and familial bursaries

Over the past several years, many employers and employees have made use of the beneficial tax treatment of bursary and scholarship schemes, as provided for in the Income Tax Act. The Act contains provisions that provide an exemption in respect of bona fide bursaries or scholarships granted by employers to employees or relatives of qualifying employees, subject to certain monetary limits and requirements stipulated in the Act.

HVM Internal News

After a very cold and wet winter we welcome Spring with a warm heart. With everything turning back to the “new normal”, we are excited about the blossom season and all the challenges that comes with it.

Met COVID-19 en al die uitdagings wat daarmee gepaard gaan, kan ons met dankbaarheid sê dat die E-Filing seisoen uiteindelik oop is en ons gereed is daarvoor.

Why is real estate such a trusted investment?

Buying real estate is more than finding the right home or location for your business – owning property is an investment that holds more benefits than you might know.  

Income Predictability 

Tax filing season is the scammer’s bread and butter

In late August 2020, a large credit bureau in South Africa was the target of a data breach where millions of private individual and company data records were compromised. This data leakage, coupled with the tax filing season, makes for the perfect opportunity for taxpayers’ information to be abused, subjecting taxpayers to potential financial loss.